At the beginning we searched for a small and easy program fitting our needs but without a lot of requirements. Because we couldn't find such a program, we developed it by ourselves. The resulting program has little requirements and provides as many features as possible combined with an easy and comfortable user interface.

In this spirit ... Have fun with our program set and help us to enhance it with your ideas.


It is our first php project, designed to need as less requirements as possible providing as much features and comfort as possible. It offers many features to manage your mails from everywhere without taking care of the environment, operating system, browser or installed add-on's.


A low requirement bug tracking system written in php. With this program you can manage all you bugs, errors, changes and new ideas of all your different projects.


A small and simple rfc document converter. It presents each rfc text document as an html page with links to the referenced rfc documents and links in the table of contents for easy navigation through the documents.


A webbased application to store notes and text sniplets in a hirachically structured database. Its main functionality is similar to applications like TreeDBNotes, JreePad or TreePad. The database uses the well known sqlite database.


A PHP library used for E.164 phone number normalization. It is intended to be a mall, fast way to work with telephone numbers. The library allows an input number to be converted into a variety of different formats.