Tinned-Mail News



Here's an update of what we're currently doing. Right now we are redesigning the website. We worked out a new GUI and created a new enginge for the website so it will be easier in the future to maintain the website and even add new pages to it. The website will also be translated in different languages and our other programs will be better integrated into the entire website. You also noticed that our forum is still closed. The technical issues with it are solved but we keep it closed for now. We will re-open it when we release Tinned-Mail. In the meantime you can get in touch with us through the contact page.


Due to technical problems, we are forced to close the forum. This is only a temporarily meassure until all problems are resolved. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Until the forum is available again, please use the contact page to get in touch with us.


Thanks to George Petculescu POPMail can now also be viewed in the Romanian language. You can find all language packs in the download section. We would also like to remind you that we have setup a forum where you can get help with the program. In the meantime we have progressed with our work on Tinned-Mail 3.0. We have finished our analysis and at this point we have started building the framework for the program. This framework will contains all functions we need to run the program (e.g. database connection, file handling, ...). We'll keep you posted about the progress.


The Tinned-Mail team is proud to announce the availability of POPMail 2.4. This new release contains mainly bugfixes and will be the last release of the POPMail branch. For details about POPMail 2.4 see the release notes in the download area. We do not plan to continue development of POPMail in the feature. Instead we will rewrite the entire program and give it the name Tinned-Mail 3.0. Together with this release we have created a forum. This forum will be our main platform to give you support. If you have any problems installing, setting up or using our program or if you find a bug, then this forum is the place to get help. You can reach our forum at (forum closed) or through the link on our website. Have fun with the release!


We are finalizing POPMail 2.4 for release. This version was scheduled for release earlier this year but we had to postpone it. Now we have set the releasedate to 21 December and that date is final.


For our new version 3.0 we are looking for volunteers to help us. Basically we need someone to help in all supporting activities during the development of the program. Here is a small list of tasks that need to be done: - GUI design - creation and maintenance of a forum - gathering technical documentation and descriptions of all kinds (e.g. protocols,...) - testing (and maybe even bug correction) - writing user manuals These are some tasks where we could need help. We are not especially looking for new developers but if you are familiar with PHP we could ask you to code some small parts in the program. If you want to help us, please contact us at team@tinned-mail.net.


After several months of silence, we're back with an update. We wrote before that we wouldn't release no new versions of POPMail because we are working on a new reworked program, called Tinned-Mail. However we have found some small bugs in the latest version 2.3 and decided to make a new POPMail release version 2.4. And while we fixed these bugs we also improved the compatibility with PHP5. We haven't set any deadline for this new version but we try to have it ready next month. So please keep an eye on the news for more information. In the meantime we continue our work on Tinned-Mail. Also for this version we decided not to set any release date because of the big changes. Together with the development we're also working on our backend systems. An example is a version control system. As user of our program you won't notice anything but for us it will make things easier to develop and keep track of changes. A long with Tinned-Mail we started some side-projects, like Tinned-Bug and Tinned-RFC. These projects were born because we will use them for the development of Tinned-Mail, which will remain our main program. We might release other programs like these in the future. Details about these little projects can be found through the links on the main page.


After a long period of testing a new version of POPMail is available. POPMail 2.3 is a bugfix release with some major bugfixes. For details about POPMail2.3 see the ReleaseNote in the download area.


The bug fixes are ready for download. We strongly advise that you download the upgrade for a correct working version of POPMail. We do not intend to make changes to version 2.1a, only if a critical bug has been found. New features will only be added in the new release of POPMail.


We would like to inform that we have begun a completely rewrite of POPMail. At this moment, there's no release date set for this new version but we will keep you update on how this project is going. So for now there won't be any releases anymore, only a few bug fixes for version 2.1. A list of bug fixes can be found on the To Do page.


POPMail 2.1 is ready. The delivery status notification is now working as it should. And you can send e-mails to groups. Before, you had to choose each recipient manually. More details in the ChangeLog.


Finally version 2.0 is available!!! It has taken some time but we have reviewed the whole concept. Most changes are bug fixes and making the program compliant with PHP 4.3.3. And off course we added some new features like copying/moving messages in a file. Also security is improved. More info can be found in the ChangeLog


Within a short time a new version of POPMail will be released. The POPMail-team has fixed a couple of tiny bugs and added one great missing functionality: reading and downloading attachments. We know that lots of you were waiting for that. We're now testing this feature to make sure that it's working properly. We also added some other functionalities and improved existing ones. Please have some more patience and come back very soon to get your copy of POPMail 2.0.


Finally, version 1.3 is available!!! It took some time but we are proud to announce this new version. Check the ChangeLog for info on the changes. And I would also like to make another announcement. I'm proud to present you the newest member of the POPMail-team: Gerhard. Thanks to him I was able to solve some problems and we decided to work together on the program. Welcome on board, Gerhard.