Tinned-Mail is a POP3 client to send and check your mail. It provides a number of useful features to make it easier to manage your mails.


  • Reading Mails from POP3 server.
  • Viewing Text and html mails.
  • Download of Attachments.
  • Sending mails (SMTP Server).
  • Sending of multiple attachments.
  • Request read and receive notification
  • Sending mails to a group
  • Personal folder to store mails.
  • Encrypted addressbook
  • Support for multiple users
  • Personal settings
  • Multiple languages ... Details

The Goals:

The goal of our program is to provide a fast and easy webmail program where server and client requirements are as low as possible.

We decided to use the popular php programming language. It is one of the programming language most of the webservers support. Tinned-Mail is also designed to run on both windows and unix based webservers.

We also tried to keep the requirements to the webclient (browser) as low as possible. So we try to serve as much comfort as possible without require any tools or plug-in's on the browser. So we decided to avoid as far as possible javascripts or java applets. And we also use as less images as possible to improve the speed of Tinned-Mail.

Detailed requirements of Tinned-Mail can be found on our requirements page.