Tinned-TreeNotes is a web based note taking system. Compared to other note taking systems, it organizes the notes in a hierarchical structure in the database.


  • Database select
    • Configurable directory where databases are located
    • Select window to select one of the databases
    • Creation of new database (sqlite only)
  • Create note
    • A note can be created
    • The note title and content can be editable
  • Edit note
    • The content can be edited after a note was created
    • The note title can be edited after the note is created
    • The note can be edited in a WYSIWYG editor to format the content
  • Delete note
    • A selected note can be deleted
    • If the selected note has sub-notes, they are deleted recursive
    • A simple confirm message is shown before a note is deleted (not all browsers suported yet)

For details about our future planning, please check our roadmap.