Tinned-TreeNotes Roadmap

Tinned-TreeNotes was already planed with a lot of features. This roadmp will give you an overview about the next releases. It will show you what features are planned and in which release they are planned to be implemented. As you might notice, there is no release date to it. This is not a mistake, it is because we do this and other projects at my free time which makes it a bit more complicate to plan it. We will try to launch the releases as fast as possible. Bugfix releases always will be released immediately.

Version numbering

The version numbering starts with the first release of 1.0.0. All versions with the same major number (1.x.x) will be compatible with there databases (back and forward). And the minor number (x.0.x) will indicate the functional release. The last number, the service number (x.x.0) indicates any bugfix version within the minor release.

Tinned-TreeNotes version 1.0.0

  • Database select
    • Configurable directory where databases are located
    • Select window to select one of the databases
    • Creation of new database (sqlite only)
  • Create note
    • A note should be possible to create
    • The note title and content should be editable
  • Edit note
    • The content should be editable after a note was created
    • The note title should be editable after the note is created
    • The note should be editable in a WYSIWYG editor to format the content
  • Delete note
    • A selected note should be possible to delete
    • If the selected note has sub-notes, they should be recursive deleted
    • A simple confirm message should be shown before a note is deleted
  • Error reporting
    • define the error messages
    • define error codes for every message
    • define the error text / error code in a separate db (later used for language file)

Tinned-TreeNotes version 1.1.0

The version 1.1.0 will add a couple of functionalities but the databases will be compatible with the version 1.0.0.

  • Translatable user interface
    • Move all language specific text elements to translatable source (sqlite database).
    • Define a config setting to change the language file.
    • Add a UI element to change the language
    • As soon as login is implemented, add the language as a settings to the user preferences
  • Login and permission
    • Login functionality should be implemented
    • An administration panel should be implemented to manage user permissions
    • The following permissions should be possible to set on a database level: read, add, edit, delete, admin (change permission for other users)
  • Notes
    • Add the possibility to handle internal links without the database name (db= parameter)
    • Adding the possibility to address a note by its name (if multiple notes have the same name, first match is used)
  • Layout
    • For the application menu, implement the possibility to use icons instead of text (configurable)
    • Implement different information layouts additional to html-frame (html-div, ... xml?)
    • Redesign all confirmation dialogs. (on edit-note, delete-note, ...)
    • Other minor and major UI improvements and optimizations
  • Database
    • Implement the possibility to use mysql / mssql / postgresql as database engine
    • Implement limitation for all database fields to avoid database errors

Tinned-TreeNotes version 1.2.0

The version 1.2.0 will add a couple of functionalities but the databases will be compatible with the versions 1.0.0 and 1.1.0.

  • Attachment handling
    • A page to upload attachments into the database
    • An attachment browser should be implemented to show all attachments
    • Check for a possibility to select attachments from the CKEditor (image attachments, ... etc)
  • User settings
    • save and get last shown note on initial request
  • Change history
    • Create a table inside the database to save a change history
    • The change history should store all changes in every note with the user information and a time stamp
    • Create a page to view the change history
    • Implement the possibility to delete the change history (admin permission required)
  • Note tree
    • Add a table with icons to the database for used defined icons
    • Change the inline edit of the note title to a separate note-title-modification page
    • On the note-title-modification page the title and icon can be changed
    • On the note-title-modification page the text color, background color can be changed (like color labels)
    • Create a page to select the icon for the note
    • Add the functionality to change the parent note via the note-title-modification page
  • Tags
    • Implement the possibility to assign multiple tags to every note

Tinned-TreeNotes version 1.3.0

The version 1.3.0 will add a couple of functionalities but the databases will be compatible with the versions 1.0.0 - 1.2.0.

  • Import filter
    • Implement import filter for ... mediawiki formatted content
    • Implement import filter for ... webcontent from URL
    • Implement import filter for ... JreePad (http://jreepad.sourceforge.net/)
    • Implement import filter for ... TreePad if possible (http://www.treepad.com/)
  • Export filter
    • Implement export filter to ... xml
    • Implement export filter to ... csv
    • Implement export filter to ... html
  • Search
    • Full text searching the note title and content
    • A way needs to be found to ignore html tags within the text.
  • Tags
    • Implement the possibility to filter the tree for specific tags
    • Implement the possibility to use the tags as search criteria

Possible other functions

The following shows a list of functionalities that might could be implemented later on. It is not sure if these functionalities will be implemented nor when they will be implemented. Its more a list of ideas for new functionalities.

  • Adding GEO tags and GEO information to every note
  • Layout for mobile browsers (iOS, Android, ...)