Tinned-Mail History



Between 2004 and today a lot of things happened. First of all we started redesigning the entire program. We made some first tries but each time we had to stop because of other (un)planned activities and jobs that take a lot of our spare time. And getting started again is the most difficult part. As you might have noticed, we found a new name for the new version: Tinned-Mail. The name is based on Tinned-Software, the name of our "company". We choose Tinned because we try to put as much features into a small program. And a new name also needs a new website and a logo. I would like to thank Gerhard for creating this nice logo. In the mean time, we continued releasing new versions of POPMail. Most of these releases did not contain new features but only bugfixes. We decided not to implement new stuff but wait for the new reworked version.


Last summer, July 2004, we decided to rewrite the whole program because implementation of new features was too hard. And so we are now working on a new future for POPMail. As a result of this, the name POPMail will be abandoned and a new name is going to be introduced, a name that suits more to the new program and its possibilities. This new name will be announced, together with the release of the new version. The project name for all these changes, is POPMail 3.0, call it a tribute to POPMail.


In December 2002, a person helped me with a problem of attachments. After a few e-mails we decided to work together on POPMail. Ever since we have been solving bugs and implementing some great features that even popular programs don't have (encryption, user-dependant settings, personal addressbook, ...).


The time is now August 2002 and the first release was a fact. It took some time before people started finding my program but very soon I got requests for new features which I implemented with great pleasure. And with these new features, bugs came along. Many thanks to all those people that reported bugs in the very early days of POPMail.


The story of POPMail starts in the summer of 2002. I was looking for a PHP program to check my e-mails for a website from any location in the world, instead of using Outlook Express. I tried a few programs but it was too difficult to install, or it didn't work or I should have my own SMTP server. So the only solution was to write my own one. Looking at other programs I learned the basic of POP3 communication and after long days and weeks of programming, I had a program that fitted my needs at that time. It was a simple program with very low requirements and I wanted to share it with the rest of the world and thus I created a website for it. But I needed a name for the program: POPMail was born. POP because the program checked a POP3 server and I think that the Mail does not need to be explained.