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Download Note POPMail_2.4

POPMail 2.4
    * Require PHP 4 or higher and minimum 16MB memory.

    - Implemented SMTP communication for servers that require authentication.
    - Improved support for PHP 5.
    - Improved handling for UTF-8 and plain messages with special characters.
    - Fix for cascaded multipart messages.
    - Improved support for POP error messages.
    - New functionality to adjust the text message box size when composing messages.
    - Reducing memory usage when viewing messages.
    - Fixed a bug when viewing a message with multiple recipients.
    - New feature to automatically add a recipient in the BCC field.
    - Fixed a bug in the SMTP communication.
    - Fixed a bug that sometimes a correct e-mail address was rejected
    - Extended logging for debugging purpose
    - Functional buttons in overview pane are now both on top and at the bottom
    - Rewritten Help

POPMail 2.3
    * Require PHP 4 or higher.

    - Improved folder management for big folder.
    - Improved compatibility for some SMTP server.
    - Added a MIME-type to send messages.
    - Fixed bug with ChangeableSender option.
    - Fixed a bug when using "Name " in the from-field.
    - Fixed a bug in the SMTP-communication. 
    - Fixed security bug (unhanded POP3 response).
    - Fixed a bug in the html mail filter for embedded images.
    - Fixed a bug in the addressbook.
    - Fixed a bug in the mail list presentation.
    - included languages: english

POPMail 2.1
    * Require PHP 4 or higher.

    - Read and received notification.
    - Editing of the contacts in the adressbook.
    - Sending mails to groups of contacts.
    - Editing of the groups.
    - Faster access to the local files.
    - New languages and a stylesheet added.
    - Direct SMTP server connection to send the e-mails. 
    - included languages: dutch, english, german

POPMail 2.0
    * Require PHP 4 or higher.

    - Downloading attachments.
    - MIME-support.
    - Support for HTML messages.
    - No more use of cookies (except for 1 setting), now we use sessions.
    - Copying/moving mails to a file.
    - Improved security.
    - Fixed a number of internal bugs.
    - Splitted the program in multiple files.
    - We made the program compliant with PHP 4.3.3.
    - New messages marked.
    - Messages with high or low priority are marked.
    - You have now separate addressbooks for each user that uses the program.
    - The php buildin mail function is used to send mails.
    - included languages: dutch, english, german